What if you could live a life of thriving health

Without Chronic Pain and Fatigue?

"If that's something you want...I will PERSONALLY work with you on your recovery to help you finally get unstuck on your journey!"

to make this experience as engaging as possible, there can only ever Be 8 Thrivers at a time in the program. If this page is online right now, then a few spots are still available. 

Very Limited Openings 
8AM PDT (5PM CET) - 6/8 Spots Available
5PM PDT (10AM ACT) - 5/8 Spots Available


What is it?

Recovery Jumpstart is an interactive program designed to help people struggling with CFS, Panic Disorder, or a Hypersensitive Nervous System learn how to once and for all overcome the fatigue, pain, and symptoms that come along with the illness. 
We will guide you through the different stages of recovery + we'll help you learn what you need to do specifically in each stage so that you can avoid the mistakes that most people make.

Who is this for?

Recovery Jumpstart was designed for people who experience fatigue, strange neurological symptoms, or chronic pain at a level that keeps them from participating in normal activities (doing groceries, minor physical activities, social events...etc). This is for people who have already seen multiple doctors and specialists, received multiple negative tests, and been told...
"Just get some rest..."
"Give it some time and you might get better..."

Or have flat out told you "We don't know what's wrong..."

If you've just recently discovered that you might have CFS,  have been trying to recover for a while but can't seem to make any progress, or if you're already been making slow progress over time, Recovery Jumpstart can help you take recovery to the next level.

Who is this NOT for?

If you have a severe, diagnosed, incurable condition then this isn't for you. 

This is not a 'get better overnight' program: It was NOT designed to help you regenerate energy and get rid of symptoms if you have a wedding to go to next week. That kind of "quick fix" solution does not exist and are often empty promises from people who can not help you.

Our Recovery Jumpstart members are ready to do the work and are willing to learn new concepts - they do not pass the blame if it doesn't "make a night and day difference" right from day 1.
Rewiring your nervous system so it functions normally again takes time and effort. This is a program that requires your commitment to put in the work needed to create change in your recovery journey. 

How does it work?

With other Thriver's, we will go through the modules of the program for the first 6 weeks and complete the action tasks. Learn and grow exponentially via peer-learning inside our Recovery Jumpstart Members Only group (while having a community that's got your back all along your journey). Each group intake learns together - the lessons are unlocked weekly, meaning you won't be able to skip any information. Each week we'll be diving deep into the concepts covered for that specific week on a group zoom call (these calls are approximately 2 hours long). You also have direct support from other members in our Discord group where you will have direct access to me. 

How Do I Access Everything?

Recovery Jumpstart is an online program that you can access inside an online portal. We have live Weekly Coaching Calls and Q&A's via Zoom, as well as stay connected on a private Discord Channel. (You will have LIFETIME access to the content in this program.)


How long is the program?

There are 6 weeks of Modules filled with simplified information about recovery.

In addition, there are bi-weekly individual checkin calls where I help you stay on track and give you specific advice for your specific situation. 

Over the course of 7 weeks, we are on 15 calls together which is more than enough time to help you Jumpstart your Recovery!
BUT, it does not end there. 
After the 6 week program, you're placed in the Thriver Mentorship Group where you'll have access to ongoing weekly group calls so that 1, 6, 12 months down the road you still have support on your journey. 

Simply put, there is no expiry date on the program. You complete the program when you are no longer living with all the CFS symptoms!

Why does it exist?

I created Recovery Jumpstart because there simply wasn't a program out there focused SPECIFICALLY on the exact steps needed to get better AND had the hands-on support through ongoing small group weekly coaching video calls. 
(If you  haven't already, watch the video above to learn exactly why I created Recovery Jumpstart)

In Recovery Jumpstart You'll:

  • Understand exactly what caused you to be where you are today so you can avoid this situation again in the future.
  • Discover a step-by-step recovery process designed to help you confidently improve month over month, regardless of where you're at today. We want to help you work towards this goal if you're not there already.
  • Learn how to shift your body towards parasympathetic mode - the ultimate healing state of the body.
  • ​Learn the tools required to manage overwhelming symptoms such as the brain retraining exercise for chronic pain, a simple brain retraining technique to combat anxiety and negative thoughts (an exercise that take split seconds) and easy-to-do daily activities for your specific situation
  • Learn how to manage the emotional rollercoaster that comes with this illness following a proven recovery path that has been the foundation for many people's recoveries from all around the world.

​Reprogram your nervous system from 'panic and fear' to become someone who remains calm in the face of symptoms and setbacks.


When I started this program, I could barely eat a thing. I could barely walk to my mailbox. But now I'm walking up and down the street...I couldn't look at a screen for more than three seconds. Now I'm working full time all day, every day, looking at a screen, clocking out and playing video games till nine, 10 o'clock at night.
Junior, Florida, United States 
When I first started the program, I would be in bed 95%- 98% of the time. I couldn't be upright. No sitting, panic attacks 24/7...

I couldn't move. Sometimes I would be paralyzed for an hour. I was in the wheelchair. To go to the bathroom was like a battle.
Mitsuo, San Paolo, Brazil
Not only did it answer 10 years of hundreds of questions of symptoms and other stuff that happened...a big part was that I stopped looking anywhere else for answers. Now I have the answer. Before I didn't know what they are and why they are, they were this big monster and I was just panicking. Now I know how to deal with them.
Stefan, Austria
2 months ago I was scared to even stand up because my heart rate was so high...I've already made a huge improvements. Now I'm going to the grocery store, I'm cooking dinner for my husband. You have to start with a mind shift and then everything is going to come after. 
Adrianne, South Carolina, United States 
The malaise is shrinking...it used to hit me like a sledgehammer shut me down completely. I can stand more. I can actually cook breakfast and stand for half an hour... and the brain fog definitely improved by 30-40% in just a few weeks.
Chris, Ontario, Canada 


Week 1: The Foundation of Recovery

  • 1.1 Welcome Video
  • ​1.2 Understanding What's Happening To The Body
  • ​1.3 The Recovery Path: The Different Stages of Recovery
  • ​1.4 Reawakening Your Awareness
  • ​1.5 Getting "Unstuck" On Your Journey
  • ​1.6 The MUST HAVES of Recovery
  • ​1.7 Setting Expectations

Week 2: Mindset Level Up

  • 2.1 Preparing for Change
  • ​2.2 How To Stop Negative Thoughts
  • 2.3 Creating a Vision
  • 2.4 Committing to Recovery
  • ​2.5 Why Mindset is So Crucial for Recovery

Week 3: Reinforcing Change

  • 3.1 Applying New Skills
  • ​3.2 Getting Rid of Pain & Fatigue
  • 3.3 Brain Retraining for Chronic Pain Walkthrough
  • 3.4 How To PROPERLY Deal With Symptoms
  • 3.5 ​Staying the Course and Weathering the Storm

Week 4: Expanding Activity

  • 4.1 Expanding Activities
  • ​4.2 How To Increase Activity - Duration vs. Intensity
  • 4.3 Expanding Your World - Increasing Activity
  • ​4.4 Progress Cycles - Pushing vs. acing
  • ​4.5 Working Alongside Your Body
  • ​4.6 What To Avoid

Week 5: Riding the Waves of Recovery

  • 5.1 Riding The Waves of Recovery
  • 5.2 The Difference Between a Crash And An Adjustment Period
  • 5.3 Finding Stability and Practicing Patience
  • ​5.4 It's Okay To Feel Symptoms
  • ​5.5 Changing Symptoms Can Be Signs of Progress

Week 6: The Cycle of Recovery

  • 6.1 Gaining Traction
  • 6.2 Managing Recovery
  • 6.3 Tell Tale Signs That You're Recovering
  • 6.4 Lasting Change vs. Temporary Change
  • ​6.5 Congratulations on Completing the Program! Here is a Quick Reminder
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