In this Do-It-Yourself Recovery Masterclass, we walk you through all the basic knowledge You need to know to recalibrate your hypersensitive nervous system.

Inside this program you'll discover
  • The Stress Threshold Explained
  • ​The Biggest Thing Most People Overlook In Recovery 
  • The Language Of The Nervous System
  • Neuroplasticity's Role In Recovery
  • ​Dealing With Symptoms Properly
  • ​Adjustment Periods And Progress Cycles
  • ​The Ultimate Guide to Expanding Activity
  • ​The Reason Symptoms Are Unpredictable
  •  And Much More...
We Help people stuck on their recovery journey..
When they've been called crazy or turned away by the medical system.
BONUS: Accountability Tasks To Make Sure You're Implementing What You're Learning

  Reawakening Awareness Exercise

  Properly Implementing Neuroplasticity

  Brain Retraining for Chronic Pain

  Implementing A Sustainable Activity Plan

  Building Momentum - Creating a List of Recovery Evidence

Miguel Bautista
We all want to be healthy and fulfilled, but sometimes we get stuck on the way.

I help people suffering from CFS, Fibromyalgia, and other hypersensitive nervous system issues thrive with the help of neuroscience--in short: show you exactly what is keeping you stuck.  

We're not going to do a magical brain retraining exercise or get you to "think positive"; instead I'm going to talk about the roadmap that can help you gain traction and momentum in your journey to thriving health.

The end result? You can feel freedom like never before.
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DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice, this is based on personal experience and research that helped myself and others improve their health conditions. This is for information and educational purposes only. Please consult with your medical professional.

I understand that this content is designed to help me specifically with recovery from my hypersensitive nervous system issue, not past traumas or other medical conditions that are unrelated to my current symptoms.

I am aware and understand that Miguel Bautista and other coaches at CFS Recovery are not medical doctors or therapists

I have done my due diligence to get medical scans and tests, and have received no explanation, diagnosis, or treatment plan that explains my health situation. I have followed doctors' and specialists' recommendations up to this point. I am taking part in CFS Recovery methods because I have not seen results working with other medical professionals and I wish to explore an alternative approach working with CFS Recovery.